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Bronwyn & Reinhard – March 2015

Hi Wendy just wanted to share our wonderful birth story with you!

I had her at home with a midwife and Reinhard. Even with the hypnobirthing classes I felt confident but never expected to have her come so quickly.

I started having contractions that were intense about 10-10:30pm, 5 minutes apart. They began at about 7pm, but in 3 hours they had gotten closer together. I called the midwife and she came over, I was 5cm already.

Reinhard started filling a birthing pool, a small one, but I couldnt get in it yet as the midwife hadn’t arrived. She arrived and checked all was well, and I got into the pool. I had intended to have a water birth. After 20 minutes in the water, which was very soothing between contractions, decided I wanted to get out. Not sure why, just wanted to.

I got out, went over to the bed and lay on my side, I really had a strong urge to push, and so I did. She crowned and 3 more small pushes it was done. So only about 10 minutes of active labour and 4.5 hours from first contraction to third stage, which just slipped out!

It was amazing!! and I feel so blessed to have this little gift of a daughter.
I put this all down to hypnobirthing, my body knew what to do and did it and I was along for the ride.
thank you so much for preparing us! xxx

Natalie & Simon – September 14

Hi Wendy we had a wonderful labour, 18hrs in total.The breathing techniques were fantastic and i really utilised the birth stone which helped me to relax, it became know on the labour ward as the ‘magic stone’ 🙂 I did have a wee bit of Gas and air towards the end. Freddie was born really alert and we had immediate skin to skin and he breastfed straight away.

We loved the whole experience and the breathing techniques really helped, we can’t thank you enough x

Louise & Paul – July 14

I cannot recommend hypnobirthing with Wendy highly enough… no matter what happens in the birthing process we have 15 weeks to actually look forward to the birth of our baby rather than 15 weeks of anxiety.

Wendy’s biscuits are also lovely!

Tessa & Rob – June 14

Our first birthing experience didn’t go to plan and although we intended to have a home birth we ended up with a very medical birth in hospital. This made us realize that the next time we would ensure we had as much help to hand as possible so that we could make the right decisions and stick to our plan.

We decided to use a doula instead of a private midwife because it doesn’t cost as much and would have a midwife from the local home birth team here in Surrey. We met with a small number of doulas and then we met Wendy who we immediately felt very comfortable with and quickly realized she had the experience and attitude that we were looking for. So that was it she was hired!

Running up to the birth itself we attended hypno-birthing classes but also met a few times with Wendy who was really useful in building on our knowledge we gained at class which made us feel better prepared and more confident.

When the big day arrived Wendy’s presence had a huge impact. During each strong surge Wendy did light touch massage on Tess. This helped her to relax and breathe through the surges. Because of Wendy Tess was more relaxed throughout the birthing process. Wendy reassured us many times and was also able to support the local midwife team very effectively. The combination of Wendy’s calm presence and her wealth of experience and knowledge created an atmosphere in which we both felt very comfortable and it ultimately led to a very successful home birth within 4 hours of labour! We are very grateful to Wendy and believe that without her the experience would have been very different.


Sarah & Shane – May 14

The news this end is that baby Charlotte arrived safe and sound on Sunday 25th May weighing in at 7lb 4oz. She’s beautiful!

The birth did not go as Shane or I had visualised it. We ended up being induced on Sat morning because of reduced foetal movements. In the end I decided not to sit it out as baby was quieting down and it was become a bit stressful. As a result labour hit me hard and fast! I didn’t have the time to adapt or prepare myself, plus I was not able to use the water as the mobile monitors weren’t working and because I’d been induced I had to be monitored. This all meant my birth plan had to change!

But the most brilliant thing was that all the hypnobirthing skills I’d be honing became so important. My breathing and relaxation were crucial to staying relaxed and we played soothing music and the wise hippo mp3s to relax me further. When they broke my waters the pressure became too much so I opted for an epidural. But again the relaxation techniques proved invaluable as I then laboured really well, reaching 10cm nicely. I then pushed baby down in around 10 pushes and she was so calm when she was born. Eyes wide open, no crying. She came straight up to my chest and we were skin to skin for ages. The cord was only cut once it had finished pulsating and I’ve enjoyed my smoothly already made by Krishna!

All in all not the birth we envisaged. Partly I attribute that to the induction and to my not being completely ready. But the amazing thing was just how relevant all of the hypnobirthing skills remained. It all meant that I progressed well and smoothly (going from 6-10cm in 4 hours) and in no small part enabled me to deliver baby in just a few pushes (hums!) And most importantly baby was so calm on her arrival into this world. Calm and relaxed and so alert! Eyes wide open a few minutes after birth and no screaming whatsoever.

Thanks for all your advice and support, we cannot thank you enough xxx

Ellie & Matt – June 2014

Hi Wendy, You were the best thing that could have happened to us, from the moment we met you we knew you had to be part of our birth and we are just soooo grateful you were here! We were both just marvelling at why anyone would do this without a Wendy!!!! Xxx
Ellie & Matt x

Jo & Glenn – July 2014

After the class: Hi Wendy thanks so much again we have learnt so much from you and eternally grateful for your time and support you more than met our expectations so thank you so very much.

After the birth: The experience we had is down to Wendy and giving us confidence, knowledge and support in the lead up to the birth it pretty much was the best thing we did in the whole pregnancy was invest in her to help guide us..we are beyond grateful xx

Vicky & Roo – June 2014

(Vicky 1st did hypnobirthing with me back in 2012, see below for Joey’s birth)

Hi Wendy, little boy, 6lb 7oz birthed at home this morning at 7.11am! He’s so wonderfuland Joey’s fascinated. Surges started around 11.30pm so we listened to the MP3 tracks throughout the night, called the midwife at 6am and Joey woke up just before baby was born 🙂 Amazing! Have loved relaxing with my wonderful family at home today. Thank you so much xxx

Rosie & Lloyd – May 2014

The birth didnt quite go as planned but the hypnobirthing made it so relaxed particular;y when it came to breathing the baby out 🙂 Louise and LLoyd were amazing the whole way through. We had the pictures up and focused on the visualisations. It wasn’t pain free but the hypnobirthing kept me really chilled which made it such a pleasant experience. Thanks so much xxx

Rosie & Louise – April 2014

Lousie (Rosie’s Sister)

Wendy was so welcoming and really put us at ease. We were motivated by her obvious enthusiasm for hypno-birthing and her genuine interest in our learning how to have an empowered and peaceful birth.

The combination of the book to read at home and the opportunity to hear it from our instructor, in her own words and using examples from her experience, with the opportunity to ask questions. I read weeks 3 and 4 ahead of the final class and actually preferred having done the reading first, as it allowed me to absorb the information in my own time and be prepared to consolidate it further in the class. The fact that the book is so well-written really helps!

The birth films – having been a previous addict to ‘one born every minute’ (sorry!) it was amazing to see women having a completely different experience – giving birth in such a calm, relaxed way. It’s clear how the power of suggestion has an impact on our subconscious minds in every reference to birth we are exposed to, and it was helpful learning techniques to block out negatives and focus on positives.


Wendy has a relaxed way of teaching and draws on both her own experiences professionally and personally which really helped me to understand the course fully. Her welcoming attitude put me at ease straight away and I have felt I could ask anything I wanted both before the course, during and also after.

With Wendy’s help I have gone from having a racing mind, not sure how to deal with my emotions about labour, often feeling overwhelmed and teary at the prospect of giving birth and ready to passively let the professionals take control and she has turned me into someone who is incredibly calm, confident and informed about what I want.

Through this course I have changed my mind about everything from where I want to give birth, the type of birth I want and I have even decided to go to the MLU in the New Forest where they do not offer the type of interventions I wanted to be so close to ‘just in case’ beforehand. I only hope that the midwives there will have the kind of outlook on birth as Wendy does although I am confident in both myself (physically and mentally) and what the course has taught my birthing partner so together we can enjoy the experience.

Mary & Steve – March 2014

After the classes: Hi Wendy. Just wanted to say thank you very much. We really enjoyed your sessions. We will definately recommend you! Thanks Mary

After the birth: I really wanted to thank you properly for what you did to prepare us for the birth. Both Steve and I felt that we could have easily done without all the other courses (like NCT) as you really covered everything in details.
I was worried when first contacting you as I am quite a stressed person and rather non emotional (or I was then anyway) and thought maybe I would not be able to use hypnobirthing. However, I listened to your recordings every day and read your notes and the book. I also placed little statements all around the house.

And we had an amazing home birth. From the moment my waters broke, I felt so calm and I completely let my body take over. I never felt any fear or panic at all and was only aware of my surroundings when my midwife or my partner were asking me specific questions. Our baby boy was born alert, awake and very calm after 21 hours (first surge to delivery) in a back to back position and I never even considered pain relief during all that time.

Thank you so very much for having helped us to welcome our little boy in a quiet and calm environment and given us fantastic memories of the birth.


Jess & Rory – March 2014

I’m convinced the hypnobirthing helped us have a really chilled out baby and it certainly helped me stay relaxed and calm, Thankyou so much Wendy x

Nicola – January 2014

Hi Wendy just wanted to say a huge thankyou for all of your help 🙂 I gave birth to a little girl weighing 7lb 3oz on the 28th Jan. Birth completely natural, very quick by the time I got to hospital I was 10cms. It was one downward breath and the head was out, one more and the whole baby was out! The hypnobirthing really helped so thankyou so much x

Janine – Nov 13

I used a TENS machine in the initial stages and the upward breathing. I found the rectangle the easiest visualisation to use – didn’t require too much thought! The breathing definately helped, and reminding myself to relax meant I didn’t get too tense.

It all went rather quicker than I was expecting. The first little surge started about 5am, which was the same time it started with Amy, so I was expecting it to be similar to her labour. However, it ramped up rather quicker and I think we called the labour ward about 11.00am. They said they would notify the midwife and to call back when they got closer together. It was fairly close anyway – I had 2 surgess while on the phone to them! Called back about 12noon, I think, and said that I was getting urges to push on some of the surges – they said they would send the midwife round.

Midwife turned up at 1pm, I think the fact she was there, and the change in position, made everything ramp up again and I started getting urges to push I couldn’t suppress. Mark finished filling the pool – it had taken 3 hot water tanks – and I got in about 1.35pm. Absolute bliss! Wish I could have got in earlier!

Urges to push came really strongly, I couldn’t not push. Did the downward breathing, and Emma was born at 2pm! Wonderful experience. I wouldn’t say it was pain free, but it was certainly a better experience than Amy’s birth.
Second midwife & student turned up at 2.30pm, and were a bit dissapointed they missed it all!

I was so pleased at how everything went, thank you for the help and support, I believe it did help everything go well.
I will certainly be recommending water, home and hypnobirthing to anyone that asks about it, and when people ask me how the birth was, they all seem a little surprised when I answer ‘Good’.

Helen & Will – July 13

Our baby boy Jack was born in early July 2013 at home in a birth pool. It was the calm, confident and perfect birth that we had wanted for which we have Wendy and her fantastic hypnobirthing classes to thank.

We knew that hypnobirthing was something that we wanted to explore when we found out I was pregnant. We are so pleased that we found Wendy, a trained midwife who could teach and help us to have the natural and relaxing birth that we hoped for. The classes were so much fun, informative and above all invaluable. In two days we had gone from feeling nervous about labour to feeling confident and actually excited about giving birth!!

It turned out that Jack was back to back so my labour was long and hard work but I put all the breathing and relaxation techniques, that I had learnt and practiced with Wendy, into action. Throughout the labour I felt in control and relaxed. It was a truly beautiful moment when Jack arrived. He wasn’t crying but was completely chilled and has been that way ever since.

Towards the end of my labour we were joined by a student midwife. She had already witnessed many births but mine was the first birth without drugs or intervention. To give a trainee midwife the belief that natural births were possible was an amazing feeling.

Without Wendy and her hypnobirthing classes we would not have had such a fantastic birth experience. I am so grateful to Wendy for giving us the tools, endless advice and support to allow us to have a natural birth. The support did not end with the last class but continued throughout my pregnancy and is still on going.

It is the best feeling being able to tell everyone our VERY positive birth story.


Ann & Byron – Sept/Oct 2013

About five years ago, a friend of mine told me how she had used ‘Hypnobirthing to breathe her baby out’…That she had had a really calm and beautiful birthing experience. I remember thinking this was a huge thing as she isn’t the calmest of people and can even be considered as rather the opposite…!! I thought to myself, when the time came for me to have a baby, this sounded like a route I’d like to take. I am very much into the natural way of living in what I eat and put onto my skin etc so, a natural, chemical free birth just made total sense.

Now the exciting time has come when I am expecting my first baby and I have begun the journey towards creating a positive, healthy and calm pregnancy. This is where the lovely Wendy Wood entered my life. After looking into several local Hynobirthing Practitioners, I knew straight away that Wendy was the one for us. I clicked with her immediately over the phone in our very first conversation. She was warm, caring and very positive in all she said. My partner, Byron (being the practical side of things!) admired her website and said he could tell by her photo that she was going to be the right one for us!

And she was that and more….

We booked Wendy for a one to one at our home as we felt we wanted the intimacy of just us. Wendy was brilliant at accommodating us around my partners very hectic work schedule, for which we were most grateful! It was terrific as we had 3 amazing sessions. Wendy went through everything so concisely and it was like music to my pregnant ears! Everything she spoke of made perfect sense and the use of the calming and relaxation audio tracks of hypnosis scripts worked (and are still working!) beautifully. So much so that I couldn’t listen to them all the way through as I’d drifted off to another land…Wendy assured me my subconscious will have picked up all that I need and I do believe this, as I am feeling so positive and calm about the natural birthing process. It is instilled into you, that you can birth your baby at home in a calm and beautiful way with no need for medical intervention. By positive visual images and your partner there as a support. I am such a believer in the power of positive thinking and that is what Wendy is brilliant at encouraging. She covered all aspects of birth and also so much other brilliant information – beyond the call of duty, she would always follow up with lovely emails of things she thought we may need or want. Lots of additional information such as good books to read (she lent me lots too!) Placenta Encapsulation, reusable nappy details, Birthing Pool details to name but a few.

It is obvious that Wendy is deeply passionate about what she teaches and as a consequence she makes the Hypnobirthing sessions SO interesting and easy to follow. She has taught us so much. Most importantly to trust my body and our baby to work together in creating a beautiful, safe and calm birth. I and my partner are so very grateful that Wendy came into our lives. I felt bereft after our last session! It had been such a joy to have her here with her lovely, fun and incredibly positive energy. Thank you Wendy!

The Birth of Alfie – 17th March 2013

So this is my own (Wendy Wood) birth story, as a Midwife, Doula and Hypnobirthing Practitioner the pressure was on! I felt an expectation from those around me and also myself to have the perfect birth… to practice what I preach!

I started practising the relaxation from about 30 weeks and Paul was fantastic at getting involved and understanding what role he would have.

As with our first son Charlie now 3 1/2 yrs old we were planning a homebirth, something that for me personally was very important. We were supported by the wonderful Surrey Hills Homebirth Team. My due date was the 18th March. Towards the end of the pregnancy I felt no fear at all about giving birth, just excitement at the prospect of meeting our second son. The 17th was a Sunday, we had discussed in the day that Paul would get the birthing pool blown up just in case. We put Charlie to bed and Paul started sorting out the pool. At about 10.15pm I started to be aware of a mild ache in my right lower back, I got out my birthing ball and started to rock around on it hoping to ease the back ache. During the next hour I started to realise that the ache was coming and going and forming a pattern about every 10 minutes. I wasn’t really sure if this was ‘IT’ as it was so mild. But the pattern started increasing to every 5 minutes. At about 11.30pm I think we both realised that I was in labour. I felt very calm and relaxed and as I watched Paul starting to organise my candles and aromatherapy I remember thinking ‘I love this’. At midnight we decided to ring Paul’s daughter Carys who was going to come over to be around for Charlie in case he woke up. This helped me to relax hugely as I knew Charlie would be ok with Carys here, they are very close and I knew she would look after him. We rang the midwife Tanya to let her know labour had started. We decided I was coping well and said we would ring her back in a bit. Carys arrived about 12.45am and went of to bed with Charlie.

By this point Paul had filled up the pool, I continued to bounce on my ball, whilst relaxing with each surge, concentrating on my breathing, humming through the surges and doing my visualisations. At about 2.30am the surges were about every three minutes and though totally manageable I felt the water would help me to relax further into them.

In the candle lit room I got into the pool and cannot explain how wonderful the water felt, just the weightlessness is fantastic plus the soothing effect of the water. With the amazing support of Paul I continued in the water just breathing and relaxing. At about 3.15am the surges were intensifying and we thought it would be wise to ring the midwife. Tanya turned up at 3.40am and was a wonderfully reassuring presence. I just carried on doing what I was doing and she reassured me to just go with what my body was telling me. I was astounded when she said that the baby would be here soon, I felt very calm and in control and pretty comfortable, surely I couldn’t be near to giving birth. Breathing with each surge and holding onto Paul I got through the next few intense surges. At about 4.15am I started to get an overwhelming desire to bear down, really, I couldn’t believe it, how could it have happened this quickly.

During the next 3 surges at only minutes apart the unbelievable urge to push overtook me and at 4.25am Alfie floated up through the water and into my arms. I think we were both in shock and couldn’t believe that he was here 🙂 The room was calm and we were left to take in the amazement of what had just happened. I remained in the pool cuddling Alfie skin to skin whilst awaiting the natural arrival of the placenta. Alfie weighed a very healthy 10lbs 7ozs and I was relieved to discover I needed no stitches.

The whole experience was amazing, the relaxations, breathing, positive thoughts and the unfailing support of Paul and Tanya, whilst also knowing that Carys and Charlie were upstairs sleeping soundly all contributed to a truly magical few hours. Alfie is now 4 months old and a very chilled out little chap. I am so thankful to have found hypnobirthing and am indebted to it for helping to bring my two lovely boys into the world as calmly and naturally as I did.
Wendy, Paul, Charlie & Alfie x

Mel & Carl

I was 6 months pregnant when we picked up a flyer for hypnobirthing with Wendy Wood. I had had a fairly problem free pregnancy but was very anxious about going through labour and it is fair to say I was dreading it and would have opted for as many painkillers as possible or even a caesarian section if I was given the option.
Reading through the benefits of hynobirthing from the pamphlet as well as additional information online, and considering the fact that I have a very low pain threshold, my husband and I decided we would have nothing to lose by enrolling on Wendy’s hypnobirthing course.
We cannot praise Wendy enough for all her advice, help and support throughout the course and afterwards. The sessions were informative, relevant and focused on everything we needed to know. We had also attended several antenatal classes but found Wendy’s sessions covered everything we needed to know and gave as more of a 1 to 1 opportunity to focus on anything we needed advice on and wanted to discuss in more depth. We were also given homework to do and my husband and I made sure that we listened to the scripts and put up all the positive pictures in preparation for the big day.
The 28th of December arrived (which was almost 2 weeks past my due date) and at about 10 pm I started feeling a few subtle contractions and by 2 am I was told to come into the hospital. I was using the hypo-birthing techniques which we had practised. On arrival at the hospital and after my first examination, I was 6cm dilated and both I and the midwives at the delivery suite couldn’t believe how relaxed I appeared to be at this relative late stage (especially as we could also hear several screams coming from adjacent rooms) . We were also fortunate enough to be able to use the birthing pool (as per our birth plan) and I got into the pool around 4am. Aside from some very minimal gas and air, I listened to Wendy’s scripts and relaxing music, whilst my husband helped me to focus my attention elsewhere during and between each contraction; as we had been practising during our homework and our sessions with Wendy.
Subsequently, our healthy and beautiful little baby girl arrived both safely and calmly into the world/water on the 29th December at 08.30. Thereafter, the midwife was said she was very impressed at how calm we both were and said next one should be a home birth, and that I should possibly consider renting out my husband as a birthing partner 🙂
Overall, I still can’t believe how amazing the whole experience was, from start to finish (especially, after having heard a few horror stories from work colleagues and several of the ladies in our antenatal class who had had some traumatic experiences) and would recommend both Wendy and this course to anyone who is preparing for labour / childbirth.
Mel & Carl

19th April 2013

So, to our story…… on Friday, my waters started to trickle in the morning and there were two larger gushes at around midday. Joe had just got to London for work when my waters started to trickle, so had turned around and come home to join his 10.30 meeting by telephone. We spoke to the hospital (FPH) just after midday and they said not to rush in, but to have some lunch, get organised and drift by in a few hours’ time. We went to the hospital at 14.45 and they asked if the baby had been moving that day. She rarely moved throughout my pregnancy, and I couldn’t say whether I had felt her at all that day. So, they plugged me up to a monitor and I sat there for a bit.

I was having slight period-like pains that were giving a small trace, but nothing major. They said that if labour didn’t start on its own, then I’d have to go back at 8am on Sunday to be induced. This was probably one of my biggest fears……I really, really didn’t want to be induced. So, Joe and I started discussing all the options for getting labour going on the way home……7 pineapples was not on the list!! We got home and I took two paracetamol at 4.30, as the period pains were getting a bit uncomfortable. We started timing at 4.45 and noticed that the pattern seen in the hospital had increased to every couple of minutes max. The discomfort was ramping up too, and I started getting stopped in my tracks by it for around 40-50 seconds each time. We called the hospital to ask whether this sounded like labour and if it was okay to start using the TENS machine. We’d only been there an hour before, so they told us it was too early. So, I just tried to relax as much as possible

I was pretty uncomfortable, so Joe suggested a bath in the absence of TENS. It was when I was getting ready for my bath that I noticed a fair amount of fresh blood on the pad I was wearing for my waters. Joe called the hospital at 5.30, who asked if we were first time parents (!!) and told us to come in to get checked over, but that they would probably send us home.

I was focussing on breathing through the surges – breathing around the rectangle mainly and blowing lily pads across a pond. In the car it was uncomfortable to sit and not be standing up, and traffic was pretty heavy as it was rush hour. We got to the car park at 6.10, and then started to make our way to the delivery suite. I felt that I needed to push in the car, and was starting to feel really confused – I felt that if this was how it felt not to be in labour, then I was really going to be in trouble and my birth preferences must have been completely unrealistic for me! I really felt that we would get there and they would say I was only a couple of cm dilated and would send me home like they said they would, and I didn’t know how I was going to cope.

I had 5 surges from the carpark to the delivery suite and got there at about 6.20pm. We got into the labour ward and I just said help… The midwife (Claire) was great. She got me into a room and said she would take a look. She examined me and told me I could push. I told her that I didn’t understand….that I wasn’t in labour….and she put me straight that the baby was coming. She said she didn’t have time to read my birth plan, but asked what I wanted to do. I said that I had planned to be upright and active, so she got me off the bed and put the pillows on the floor for me. I leaned over the bed, kneeling on the floor and tried the downwards breathing when she told me to push. There was no time for Gas & Air, waterbirth or anything and our bags were all in the car, as they had told us not to bother bringing them in. So, I had nothing with me.

Helena was born at 6.49pm. Her head came out with one hand and she actually started to cry when her head was out but nothing else – they told me this was rare (she was clearly in a hurry!). One more big breathing down and she was in Joe’s arms and passed to me for skin to skin. I had wanted a physiological 3rd stage, but was advised to have a managed 3rd stage due to fibroids. However, they had asked me during the labour what I wanted and I had explained that I wanted delayed cord clamping for as long as possible, even though I needed a managed 3rd stage. They agreed, but after 2 mins asked if they could give me the injection, as I was losing a lot of blood. I agreed and Joe cut the cord.

Joe took Helena for skin to skin while I was popped on the bed for the placenta to come out. Once that was done, Helena was back to me for skin to skin and to feed (which she did straight away) while they gave me a couple of stitches – she had caught my labia when her hand came out with her head, which they put a stitch in, but my perineum was all fine (I had been doing the massage btw – I recommend it). I was in shock at this point….I couldn’t believe that our beautiful little girl had arrived when I thought that nothing was happening. We were then left for a couple of hours for tea & toast, time together and time for a bath. We then went to the ward at 10.15pm and Joe stayed until 11.30pm.

All in all it was an amazing experience. I don’t know how I would have coped if I had not been preparing to relax through it. All the breathing exercises I had practised enabled me to cope with the speed of it, and all with just 2 paracetamol. Claire, the midwife, came to see me the next day and commented that I had “breathed my baby out” – so she clearly noticed what I was doing. Thank you Wendy, and to everyone else for such fantastic classes. I’m not sure what I would have done without it.

Helena is super cute and feeding well. We came home on Saturday afternoon and have been working out what we need to do since then. It all seems to be going well so far. Good luck to you all for the birth of your little ones 🙂

Much love, Wendy & Joe x

Natalie & Paul

Hi Wendy,
We’ve had a little boy! He was born on Sunday at 16:03 and weighed a whopping 9lbs 6 🙂

My waters broke at half two on Sunday morning so we went in to be checked at about 4am and I was having very mild surges. By the time we got home my surges were beginning to get really strong so I ran a bath but it didn’t t help just made me very hot so I got straight out. I then sat in bed and wandered around the bedroom and listened to your relax for birth visualisations for a couple of hours. By half eleven I said to Paul that I really felt we should go back to hospital so he rang the ward who said not to come in and that as it was my first baby I would be labouring for a good while yet so I should stay at home. I tried to but I just knew that things were moving ahead so I made Paul drive me back. Arrived on antenatal ward about half twelve and was examined at one – I was nine cm!!! They walked me round to labour ward where I started pushing – I don t know why but I didn’t t want to get into the pool so I moved around the room and found sitting on the loo really comfortable!

I didn’t have any pain relief at all – just my tens machine at home. I had loads of things like the oil burner, electric candles, rescue remedy etc in the car but we left it there as we were convinced we would be going straight home because I would only be a few cms. Bless Paul he didn’t have a hope of getting back down to get it all!

I stayed in hospital until Tuesday evening t have some help to get breast feeding established, I’m getting to grips with it now and hope to carry on for as long as I can.

Sorry for the long email, I wanted to share our story with you 🙂 I am absolutely sure that the hypnobirthing was how I managed to get on so well. I really don’t know how I would have coped without the visualisations etc. Thank you for everything Wendy, we re so very happy.

Hope you and your bump are healthy and happy.

Natalie & Paul x xx

The Birth of Joey

We did a hypnobirthing session/course with Wendy in June 2012 while I was pregnant with our first child. We had read some material surrounding hypnobirthing beforehand and were both sold on the idea of relaxing and allowing your body to do what it is designed to do.

Like most pregnant women I had been obsessed with One Born Every Minute, but felt that a lot of the births seemed overly dramatic. I was also not keen on the idea of a heavily medicated birth, it seemed wrong that women had to be told to push and that the baby was out as they had no feeling. I also saw a women who was describing the drugs she had used as making her feel “off her face, it’s like being in a club”. This was not the way I wanted to welcome my baby into the world.

Wendy was wonderfully reassuring and myself and my partner warmed to her instantly. She explained the changes that the body goes through during the birthing process and why it does this. One thing that stuck particularly was that women in comas had successfully birthed babies without any conscious effort – your body knows what to do!

Wendy also sent me some mp3 files to listen to at bedtime and whilst relaxing during the day. I started listening each night and, once my maternity leave started, during the afternoon too. I was never able to stay awake for longer than ten minutes as Wendy’s soft tones and melodic words lulled me to sleep. However she reassured me that the positive affirmations were being heard by my subconscious even while asleep.

My first surge started at 10.30pm 8 days before my due date. I didn’t think much of the first few as they were in my back and sporadic, I thought I’d perhaps overdone it with the nesting that day!

From 1.30am they became very regular and I realised that this was the start of my birthing experience. I breathed through the surges repeating affirmations with my partner. I was able to move around and finished building my sons cotbed at around 2am! I napped from about 4am, using the Colours and Calmness mp3 file to relax me to sleep as I had done for the past few weeks. The surges increased in length and became more frequent. At 5am I phoned the hospital who were not convinced that this was labour and advised us to stay home. About fifteen minutes after we called I felt that baby was definitely on his or her way and that we should go to the hospital. I was still able to breathe through the surges with supportive words and back rubs from my partner.

We got to the hospital just after 5.30am and made our way up to the ward. It took a long time for them to let us in, and I was in my own little place, breathing and thinking affirmations. My partner spoke to the midwives whilst I leant on the wall and they took us through to the triage room. The midwife assigned to us told me that she was going to send me home as she didn’t feel I was advanced enough to be in hospital. She offered me some paracetamol which I didn’t need and went to check another mum. My partner and I discussed going home and I told him that I felt the baby would be arriving soon. Just then I had a show and my partner asked the midwife to examine me before sending us home (we had asked in our both plan for minimal examinations but felt that one before we went would be useful). She agreed to this, and was shocked to find I was at 9cm!

They showed us through to a delivery room, and I lent over the bed while my partner spoke to the midwives taking over and explained our preferences and the hypnobirthing we were using. The room remained dark, and quiet which was perfect for me. My partner knelt beside me, whispering affirmations and rubbing my back as necessary. I was rotating my hips and breathing through the surges and could feel my baby moving downwards. At 7am my waters broke and a midwife put a towel on the floor between my knees. She the returned to the corner of the room allowing us to control our experience. At around 7.40am I felt the urge to bear down and began to do this, the urges became closer and closer until my partner whispered that our baby’s head was out and reminded me just to breathe again. The midwife sat quietly behind me and supported my partner in receiving the baby. He told me that we had a son! Our little boy was completely silent with big wide eyes taking in his surroundings. He was brought straight up to my chest and rooted for the breast. The midwives respected our request for privacy and stayed back, allowing us to meet our wonderful son after nearly nine months. We both had skin to skin and waited for the cord to stop pulsing before it was clamped and my partner cut it. He was weighed about two hours after being born, and weighed 6lb 3oz.

We both felt that the experience couldn’t have gone better, we were so confident in what we would like to happen (due to the fantastic information we had been given) and were well supported by the hospital. We were aware that this was our birthing experience and that we were in control. The affirmations that I repeated over and over in my head helped keep me focused and calm, and the fact that my partner had done the course too and totally believed in me was so beneficial. The midwife told me afterwards that she had never seen a couple work so well together, there was no need for any intervention by medical staff. I was really pleased that I hadn’t used any pain relief and genuinely hadn’t needed any, I had a natural birth free from pain and fear – just the way nature intended.

I think that the calm way my son was born plays a huge role in his calm and content nature. Everyone who meets him comments on how ‘chilled out’ he is. He took really well to breastfeeding and is still exclusively breastfed at just over five months. It’s helped shape out whole parenting style as its opened our eyes to alternatives such as baby wearing and baby led weaning.

We honestly can’t thank or recommend Wendy enough for enabling us to have our beautiful birth experience. I would have happily given birth again the following day! The only thing we are considering doing differently next time is possibly a home birth (depending on our situation at the time).

Thank you again Wendy 🙂

Love from Vicki, Roo and Joey xx

Birth of Romilly Grace – August 2012

Upon discovering and recovering from the joy that we were pregnant, my thoughts naturally turned to birth and labour. All too often one hears the negative stories of birth, not to mention the recent influx of real life TV programmes showing labour (which despite avoiding watching, you know are there), I realised that it was with trepidation that I would have to think and deal with labour and birth. I decided I had to find a way to deal with it.

I was prior to birth very wary of hospitals (having never been in one as a patient) and wary of anything medical (again for the same reason, as I have never required treatment in hospital, no childhood broken bones, no surgery and to top it all off am needle phobic).

So I turned to the internet and researched. I discovered by chance (and thank goodness I did) hypnobirthing. I should point out that both my husband and I were somewhat sceptical about it, but we decided we should explore. So we contacted Wendy on a what harm can it do to know more basis.

We spoke with Wendy about hypnobirthing and also explained that I had certain fears about birth in hospital and we were looking for Doula support too. She advised us that she offered this service. We knew having spoken via phone that we wanted to try the hypnobirthing and so we booked that and arranged to meet discuss the Doula support.

Having met her we knew instantly she was the right person for us, to share a very precious moment and to support us through it.

What we liked was there was never a sales pitch or the like, never anything other than giving us the information we wanted and explaining what it was all about. She was emphatic in her explanation that it was about finding support that was right for us, and that if we did not feel it was with her that this was of no issue, what she was most concerned we have, was the right person for us. Suffice to say it was that aspect of Wendy’s character amongst many other things that meant she was “right for us”.

From the moment we spoke and then having met her we knew as I say it was right for us to both try the hypnobirthing and to have her support us. Knowledgeable, calm and just plain bloody good at what she does shone through. Her midwifery background adds a further experience and knowledge that was invaluable and we knew we would be well supported.

Once we had learned the techniques and began to practise it dawned on me that the fears I had had about labour had vanished. We felt empowered about the process, informed of all the options and that no matter how the birth panned out we had all the skills to use hypnobirthing throughout (even had we have had interventions). Those skills would allow me to stay calm and relaxed no matter what path the birth took. As far as I was concerned even before the birth itself, the techniques we learned had allowed that to happen and was worth it for that.

The birth was everything we had hoped it would be, 8 hours in total, 4 hours in hospital in a birthing pool using the all of techniques we had learned and practised with gas and air when needed, meant we had a calm and relaxed environment for me to labour in and for us to meet our daughter. Wendy was there every step of the way, supporting me and working alongside the Midwife we had with us. Crucially we feel also she supported my husband, she made sure he was involved and not pushed to the side which so often you hear of or see. At the time and having not given birth before I had no perspective of whether it was a calm birth for those in the room, I was focussed on what I had to do. After the event the midwife commented at just how remarkably calm the labour had been and how I had used the techniques to really assist with labour. That really says it all.

Truth be told at the start we hired someone as a professional to do a job, and she delivered that in spades, now after the event, we hope we have made a friend too.

The Birth of Max – May 2012

Having successfully used the hypno approach with the birth of Luc, our first child in 2008, we were naturally keen to do the same with the recent arrival of our second child in May.

With a three year gap and a total change of location, we recognised that we’d need a refresher and scoured the internet in an attempt to identify a course similar to that which we attended first time around – a process that resulted in us getting in touch with Wendy Wood.

From the initial conversation Wendy’s open, relaxed and welcoming style made us feel completely at ease – with an entirely more personal service when compared with what we’d experienced before, we opted for a “one on one” two session hypnobirthing course.

The sessions, both conducted at home (once again, different to what we’d experienced before) were informative and practical with none of the group pressure that we saw as a minor drawback of our first course. Wendy’s guidance on techniques was superb, equally was her constant contact via email with support messages, pointers and thoughts.

It was during the first session that we were discussing Wendy’s background and were interested to understand that she’d formally trained as a midwife with years of experience behind her and was now able to combine her medical background / knowledge with the hypnosis theory and techniques, whereas once again previously the two had certainly in our minds sat slightly apart. It’s this combination, in our opinion, that allows Wendy’s perspective and practical guidance to be so relevant when you’re considering options for child birth.

At that point, towards the end of the first session, we decided that we’d like to Wendy to work with us in her other capacity as a birth companion / doula to compliment her assistance with the hypnobirthing.

In addition to the two sessions of hypnobirthing, this would also involve Wendy giving us 3 further sessions (pre / post natal) with 24 hour access to her support and attendance at the birth.

It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

The birth two days ahead of estimated due date was a smooth, very quick and complication free affair which we put largely down to the hypno birthing process – Wendy’s support on the day was superb from taking Claire to the hospital while we urgently sorted out childcare for Luc to guidance on feeding after Max’s arrival. Her collaborative, partnership approach with the team at the Royal Surrey Hospital added further to what was an excellent (if not a little warm – the hottest of the year so far) day – we really couldn’t have hoped for better.

For the past few weeks since the birth, Wendy’s input and friendship has been invaluable with follow up visits and contact to support and advise Claire.

We plan to stay in touch with Wendy and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone else wishing to explore their options for this most special of events”

Claire and Marcus Trench (Maximilien Matthew John)

The Birth of Isla – April 2012

Sooz & Isla.jpg.opt224x298o0,0s224x298My last labour and delivery didn’t go according to plan so this time I wanted to do everything I could to make sure I had the birth experience I really wanted. Wendy was fantastic, she really knows what she’s talking about and she’s just lovely!
In the run up to the birth the relaxation CDs were fantastic, particularly for getting me to sleep every single night.
When I went into labour I used the breathing and visualisation techniques I’d learned and the majority of my labour was lovely. The last hour was pretty intense but I managed to cope without any pain relief and my beautiful daughter was born 14 minutes after we pulled into the hospital car park!
It was perfect and I am confident that hypnobirthing played a huge part in that. My husband didn’t really believe in any of it beforehand but has since said to Wendy that he is now a believer!
I honestly would recommend everybody considers hypnobirthing. I never would have believed that you could really enjoy labour and birth but I did. I’d do it again in a second.

Susi, Michael & Lennon (21/2yrs)

The Birth of Elsie – April 2012

Elsie eventually made an appearance on 12th April, 15 days after her due date.

Elsie weighed a very healthy 7 lbs 13 oz and has been steadily putting on weight since. She’s a very good, calm baby and we are the happiest mummy and daddy around !

Thank you for all your help.The last few weeks of pregnancy were definitely easier because of the positive statements and meditation.

Take care and thanks once again

Jenny, Jaime and Elsie x

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